The project

We want to sail a new ship in the Central Mediterranean to provide assistance to the shipwrecked, people fleeing from wars, tyranny, climate change and extreme poverty. And we want to be witnesses of what is happening.

Support us

A new ship in the Mediterranean…

…and a team that will take action, in a network with other operators, in accordance with the non-negotiable humanitarian principles of Impartiality, Neutrality, Humanity and Independence.

Operations at sea and on land

The project will include two complementary activities, both of which vital and “on the front line”.

How much will it cost?

We are mainly (but not only) counting on a crowdfunding campaign, the method that best embodies the desire to set sail a civil society ship, a ship for everyone.


With this figure, we will be able to equip ourselves with a 30- to 45-metre-long vessel (purchase, any alterations and administrative expenses) needed to mount Search and Rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean and enable safe navigation.

€2,5 million

For us, this is the minimum amount needed to launch the project, in other words to cover the costs of the ship:renovation, outfitting and operating costs for the first 3 months.

€2,5 million

This figure will enable us to support every aspect of the project, i.e. the purchasing, renovation and outfitting of the ship and operating costs for one year, including the crew, fuel, berth hire and other necessary expenses.

LAtest NEws

“We can do this, together”

Luciano Scalettari, Chairman of the ResQ non-profit organisation, Milan

“ResQ is a way of implementing the Italian Constitution”

Gherardo Colombo, Milan