Parti con noi: cerchiamo un Operation Manager

RESQ ricerca per la propria organizzazione un “Operation Manager” per le operazioni SAR nel mar Mediterraneo.

La definizione della posizione, i requisiti e i titoli di preferenza sono indicati di seguito.

Le candidature devono essere indirizzate all’indirizzo mail e devono pervenire entro le ore 24 di mercoledi 9 giugno 2021 corredate dai documenti che il candidato ritiene utili alla valutazione.

Dal 10 al 12 giugno si terranno gli eventuali colloqui di valutazione e la decisione verrà comunicata ai candidati entro domenica 13 giugno 2021.

Il rapporto di lavoro si prevede possa avere inizio nei giorni immediatamente successivi, comunque entro il 1 luglio 2021, subordinatamente al perfezionamento dei contratti che renderanno disponibile la nave, perfezionamento che si prevede possa avvenire entro il 15 giugno 2021.

Le condizioni retributive e contrattuali verranno comunicate direttamente ai candidati.

OPERATIONS MANAGER (full time position)

Note: The operations manager works mostly on shore. For the initial phase and during the set-up of vessel management and SAR procedures, he/she will be on board. Whenever he/she is onboard he/she assumes and covers the Head of Mission (HoM) position. He/She will also be the backup for gaps in the HoM position.

Hierarchical line: ResQ President


– Guarantees that the ResQ´s intervention in the Central Mediterranean Sea is implemented in line with organization’s statutes and general principles.
– Ensures that the ResQ interventions respond to the humanitarian needs in the Central Mediterranean Sea and in line with the objectives defined in the action plan.
– Analyses political, economic and social context (at Sea, Europe and Libya) related to the migration trend in the Central Mediterranean for a proper reaction to the humanitarian needs.
– Supervises, monitors and follows up SAR interventions reorienting according to the needs.
– In the initial phase, supervises and coordinates with the Ship Manager the presentation and follow up of the procedures needed for vessel class and supplementary rescue notation. 
– During operational phase, coordinates together with the Ship Manager the maintenance works to be done, relation with Port authorities and agencies.
– Plans and executes SAR response:
—> Develops and updates the different SAR SOP:
—> Rescue
—> Communication with actors and authorities from the vessel related to rescues, medical evacuation
and guests’ disembarkation.
—> Guests on board and cultural mediation coordination.
—> Puts in place SAR briefings, inductions and leads the trainings for professional crew and volunteers.
—> Develops and updates training contents and material.
—> (If onshore) guides, discusses with HoM on board the search pattern analyzing the latest departures.
– Final say for manning (staffing), professional crew and volunteers (until having a proper HR structure in place or a General Director).
– Final say for SAR related supply, equipment, NFIs, water, food, materials and consumables (until having a proper HR/log structure in place). 
– Ensures that all necessary security measures are in place for the safety of ResQ staff, SAR operations and beneficiaries in each intervention. Analyzes threats, vulnerabilities and risks.
—> Develops the security risks analysis, designs SOPs to mitigate vulnerability and CP accordingly to mitigate impact. 
– Develops and put in place the data collection tools (quantitative and qualitative) for communication and advocacy purposes.
—> Brief the people involved in data collection under the principle of Do Not Harm.
– Alerts the Board when an Advocacy/public speaking action could have, or jeopardize, operational implication at Sea.
– Represents organization at different levels with State authorities, UN agencies, other SAR actors, civil society and media local (on ports of disembarkation) and national level (Transport and Infrastructure Ministry – MRCC Rome, Ministry of Interior), Governments, State authorities, UN agencies and non-governmental bodies, civil society).
– When not on board attends the disembarkation and assists the team on board on whatever needed, institutional, logistics or relation with the media.
– Responsible for the ResQ teams on board, professional crew and volunteers. Supervises directly the Ship Manager, the Captain and the Head of Mission.
– Liaise between crew on board (Captain and Head of Mission) and the Ship Manager, Operations and Legal Groups of the Board on shore.
– Guarantees the respect of ResQ ethical and general principles and values, particularly the proper management of all human resources and the proper use of material and financial resources.


– Strong motivation and commitment towards ResQ’s core objectives.
– Relevant academic education related to strategic/program management.
– At least 2 years SAR experience as head of mission/operations. 
– Experience organizing and facilitating SAR trainings.
– Desirable working humanitarian experience in developing countries.
– Good knowledge and understanding about the current context in the Central Mediterranean Sea and Migration flow. 
– Desirable Certificate of Proficiency in Security Awareness. 
– Desirable Certificate of Proficiency Basic Safety Training (STCW A-VI/1).


– Excellent leadership and strategic vision qualities.
– Ability to coordinate multicultural and multidisciplinary teams simultaneously especially in stressful situations.
– Preparedness to act in unexpected situations.
– Ability to prioritize, organize and delegate.
– Excellent diplomacy, communications and social skills.
– Excellent English and Italian language level (Desirable good French level).

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